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Whatever you're striving for, we can help. From complete novices to experienced pros, people who just want to feel more confident in their bodies or swimmers who need a technique tune up, get in touch to identify how we can work together.

Strive in person

Our coaches are friendly, knowledgeable, highly experienced and fun.  We've worked with a wide range of people - from complete beginners ready to get fit after a long break, and seasoned pros who need some video analysis in the pool - and are passionate about giving everyone, regardless of age, gender, shape & size, ability, experience or goal, the opportunity to love their activity.

Personal training is completely tailored to you. We don't believe in 'off-the-shelf' products because ultimately fitness and sport has to work for the individual in order for it to become a rewarding part of our lives.  We have designed a number of options to help you see some of the ways we could help - see 'Examples' below

Whatever your activity, sport, and need, get in touch today to find out how we can work together.

Starting out

Starting something is the hardest part.  Whether it's running, swimming, cycling or all-round fitness work, starting as a beginner makes us vulnerable to failure, which as human beings, we're just not good at.  It might feel easier to not start at all - we get it and we've been there! 


But if we didn't start, we'd never discover what we're truly capable of: whether it's a talent or a healthier lifestyle, everyone deserves the chance to try without judgement.  


As a beginner, working with a Strive coach will help you build the confidence and sense of self-worth needed to keep going.  We'll also make sure you feel empowered with the knowledge and skills to make your new activity a healthy passion you look forward to doing as part of your routine.

Face to face or virtual

Working side-by-side with a coach doesn't work for everyone.  Training plans are effective for those who want the option of training independently but with support and accountability.  Whether you have a specific event you're training for or you're looking to add more structure to your fitness regime, talk to us about how a tailored training plan could work for you.

Alternatively, maybe you're working from home, isolating or prefer to do things via Zoom. Strive can deliver 45 min HIIT sessions to you in the privacy of your home. Get in touch to find out more.


Here are some examples of what we currently deliver to our clients, If there's something missing on this list, get in touch.


Water confidence sessions

Technique introductions in the pool

Open water introductions

Learn to run sessions

Personal training (strength and fitness)

Walk, talk and inspire sessions

Novice bike inductions and technique sessions


Technique clinics (including video analysis)

Training plans

Open water technique sessions

Open water journeys

Strength for swimmers (plans and face to face)


Technique clinics (including video analysis)

Training plans

Buddy-up sessions (run with 'encouraging' company)

Strength for runners (plans and face to face)


Skill specific sessions

Training plans (including benchmarking and indoor turbo)


Racing skills

Training plans

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