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Running is the ultimate feeling of freedom.  We believe that anyone can be a runner, provided they are given the right tools.  Strive Run Life is a community of mixed ability runners who come together throughout the week to learn, grow and challenge themselves through our different Run Fit sessions.

Learn to Run (Novice)

Through these 6 week courses, we teach the the 'skills' of running in order to start your run journey in a safe and effective way. Designed for complete beginners, as well as those who need some extra support getting back into it.  Read more here and get in touch to find out when the next course starts.

Run Fit (Intermediate & Advanced)

Our group Run Fit sessions are carefully programmed to challenge every ability runner, from those who have just achieved their 5km milestone of their run journey and those more experienced runners looking for performance gains.

We offer a variety of sessions throughout the week to build all-round run fitness. 

Monday 6.30pm (Technique & Fitness)

Personal Training

Starting from scratch, in need of some input on your technique or looking for a running buddy to show you new routes, get in touch today.

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