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Running is the ultimate feeling of freedom.  We believe that anyone can be a runner, provided they are given the right tools.  Strive Run Life is a community of mixed ability runners who come together throughout the week to learn, grow and challenge themselves through our different Run Fit sessions.

Learn To Run (6-week courses)

These 6-week courses are ideal for those who are starting from scratch. Courses will teach you HOW to run safely and efficiently, and help you develop essential mobility, balance, and strength to become a resilient runner.


Over the 6-week period, you'll carefully build fitness to comfortably jog for 30 minutes non-stop.  And the best bit? You'll do it in a group of like-minded beginner runners who will share the journey with you. 

Courses take place in a secluded, off-road location, surrounded by nature on Thursdays, 6.30pm.

Run Fit  (runners already running 5k)

Our WEEKLY Run Fit sessions are carefully programmed to challenge every ability runner, from those who are just starting out, those who have just achieved their 5km milestone, and those more experienced runners looking for performance gains.

Run Fit sessions run all year round, with plenty of variety to keep you motivated through the seasons. In the winter, we make technique and strength our focus with time spent practicing key drills and time spent running up hills. In the summer, enjoy a variety of locations that challenge your pace and cadence.

Monday 6.30pm

Winter (October - April) - Footes Lane Track & hill locations

Summer (April - September) - various locations

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