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Strive Swim Life is a community and a journey. As water babies, we're passionate about helping people find natural connection to the water for wellness, fitness and adventure.  From Water Confidence courses, iconic swim journeys in the sea, or 1-2-1 technique 'tune ups' and video analysis, join us and discover true love for the water.


Learning and starting out

If you're at the start of your swimming journey, we have two courses for you to choose from, depending on your experience.

STAGE 1: 6-week WATER CONFIDENCE courses for those who've never put their heads and want extra support working out of their depth. Working in small groups, grow confidence and make a start on your journey to swimming joy.  Read more.

STAGE 2. 6-week Learn Front Crawl courses for those who already swim but have never learnt / need to re-learn the art of swimming the Freestyle stroke. Read more.

Get in touch to find out when the next course starts!

Swim Fitness & Endurance (Intermediate & Advanced)

Weekly sessions combine technique, fitness and endurance, with dedicated coaching. 

Tuesday 6.30am (Technique & Fitness)

Wednesday 6.30am (Speed & Endurance)

Friday 6pm (Speed & Fitness)

Sunday 10am (Technique & Endurance)

Sunday 11am (Beginner Courses)


Whether you're starting from scratch and want a calm and supportive environment to learn, or whether you're an experienced pro looking for a technique clinic to identify what's holding you back,  get in touch to discuss your needs and how we may be able to help.


Strive has a wealth of experience coaching individuals through their open water journeys.  We are an accredited Wildlife Safe operator meaning that all of our activities abide by national and local laws on wildlife conservation and disturbance. Expect to learn, discover and experience mini transformations in your wellbeing when you swim with us.

Beginner courses (June - Sep)

4-week courses for those wanting to dip their toes for the first time. Join small groups of like-minded individuals to build your confidence and understanding of the Guernsey waters.

Courses run throughout the open water season (Jun - September on Sunday mornings) and are suitable for those who can already swim breaststroke and / or front crawl for a period of up to 20 mins (including rests at the end of a length)

Fitness & Endurance (intermediate & advanced)

Weekly sessions during the season (June - October) for sea swimmers wanting to add some structure to their swims and discover some safe, accessible swim journeys. Build fitness, strength and confidence with our welcoming, friendly groups.

In order to join our open water sessions, please get in touch to discuss current experience and identify which sessions are most appropriate for you.

Sessions take place from June and you can view our 2022 season timetable here.

Winter Soul Swims (existing clients only)

Free Sunday gatherings for those who want to put a smile on their face through invigorating cold water immersion therapy. Join us for shivers and smiles - open to all existing Strive clients.

If you think you might want to join us for some open water adventures this season, click the 'More Info' button below to read more about what you can expect, and what we need from you:


Whether you want the individual support of a coach to help you grow your confidence, or a safe, steady hand to guide you on a distance journey, we can help. Get in touch today.

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