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Swimming opens our world. It's good for our minds, bodies and spirits, and brings a closer connection to our environment, especially for those living on an Island. Strive is building a community of competent, safe, and happy swimmers who love the water, and we welcome anyone who wants to join in, at any level. 


Learning and starting out - adult courses

If you're at the start of your swimming journey, we have two courses for you to choose from, depending on your experience Courses run side-by-side on Sundays at 11am, throughout the year between October and June. 

LEVEL 1 - WATER CONFIDENCE 5-week courses for adults who are new to swimming and want to develop the skills and confidence to enjoy the water. Click here to read more

LEVEL 2 - LEARN FRONT CRAWL 5-week courses for adults who can already swim but are yet to master the art of this front crawl, used for fitness and sports. Click here to read more

Get in touch to find out when the next course starts.

Developing and Progressing - weekly Swim Fit sessions

Weekly pool sessions combine technique, fitness and endurance, with dedicated coaching. 

Monday Mover (Speed & Endurance): 6.30-7.30am

Tuesday Tekkers (Technique & Fitness): 6.30-7.30am

Friday Froth (Speed & Fitness) 6-7pm

Sunday Mash Up (A bit of everything) 10-11am


We love the Open Water and want more people to enjoy it in safe, memorable, and sustainable ways.  We are experienced sea swimmers, coaches, Adventure Smart partners, and Wildlife Safe operators, and you'll be pleased to know we offer a range of courses and sessions for all levels of swimmer and nature lover.  Click below to explore what's on offer this season.

Need a wetsuit?

To help remove some of the barriers to open water swimming, we offer wetsuit rental, which is perfect for any swimmer who is unsure about wanting to make equipment investments, or just don't know which wetsuit to buy yet. 


We rent wetsuits from our favourite brand; Yonda.  Read all about our hire scheme here.  And don't forget the Ts&Cs.


We are a                                                 partner

Discover how to Be Adventure Smart when open water swimming

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