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About Us

We take movement seriously and believe it is the key to safeguarding our futures. Our bodies are designed to move but often we need a bit of extra support and encouragement to make it part of who we are and what we do. With this, research shows that social connection is as important as fitness for our health.  But let's not forget, movement and fitness is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not onerous and task-driven.

As triathletes, cyclists, runners, swimmers, lifters, surfers and nature lovers, we've taken our favourite sports and created a style of coaching for adults and children that we believe is truly unique.  At the heart of what we do is our desire to help our clients - young and not as young - to create life-long relationships with sport and movement. We do this by:

1. Making it as easy as possible for you to join in

2. Understanding what motivates you

3. Creating friendly, non-judgemental and fun environments to come together

4. Supporting you to build a closer connection with your body 

5. Getting outside to see our beautiful Island as much as possible

We welcome anyone who wants to join us and know we offer a high standard of coaching and experiences - be it open water swimming or children's holiday camps - which we hope will stimulate curious minds to keep coming back to discover what more their bodies can do.

So whether you have a particular goal in mind that's spurring you on to train or just know it's time to make some changes, come meet us. We're certain you'll enjoy what we do.


To read more about the things we live and love, check out our Happier Healthier Talk blog.

Laura Fry, Owner & Head Coach


Laura came to multi sport through her love of the outdoors and her experience managing depression and anxiety,  She loves to swim in the open water, run in the wilderness (mud is her favourite surface), ride her bike and most of all, lift weights! Through finding strength in her own body, Laura has found strength of mind too and she's keen to help others do the same. 


Laura leads the junior section of Strive and is passionate about creating positive experiences in sport for young people. Her aim is to help more children build life-long relationships with the water through swimming, triathlon and lifesaving.  Laura also runs Strive Strength sessions and Learn Front Crawl courses for adults, both of which combine her love for technique!


BTF Level 2 Coaching, Swim England Level 2 Teacher, Level 3 Personal Training, Kinetic Revolution Certified Run Coach, British Weightlifting Level 1 Coach


Amy Critchlow, Owner & Head Coach


Amy is a triathlete, surfer and marine biologist. She loves the buzz of race days, the structure of a training plan but equally values ditching the interval session for a play in the surf.  Amy recently won Team Gold and Individual Bronze in the Guernsey Island Games Triathlon in 2023. She has also competed at Age Group championships in Triathlon, travelling across the globe in her GB trisuit. 


Amy leads the Adult section of Strive and is passionate about making training fun and effective for everyone.  She coaches a number of athletes, 1-2-1, who are training for specific endurance goals - from Iron Man to ultra marathons - and uses her wealth of experience to design athlete-centred plans for each individual.  During the Open Water season, Amy takes the lead in designing memorable and safe experiences for swimmers that build fitness, skill, confidence and new friendships.


BTF Level 2 Diploma, Swim England Level 2 Teacher, LSSM Soft Tissue Therapist, Kinetic Revolution Certified Run Coach


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