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About Us

We believe that Multi-Sport wellness (training for, and engaging with, a range of natural movement disciplines such as running, swimming, strength training and triathlon) is the key to living a happy, healthy lifestyle.  Strive provides bodies and minds the opportunity to continually learn, grow and engage with the natural movements they're designed to do, in beautiful environments, and with kind humans.

Training for, and engaging with sports, to us, means being open to learning new techniques and skills, challenging yourself to practicing in new environments e.g the sea or a local nature reserve, being brave enough to move beyond comfort zones, and being curious to embrace the holistic practices, including nutrition, recovery and emotional wellbeing, that together with the movement, will help anyone feel their happiest, healthiest self. 

Inclusiveness is at the heart of everything that we do, and as skilled coaches we understand how to lead you on your journey, wherever you want it to lead. To read more about the things we live and love, check out our Happier Healthier Talk blog.

Laura Fry, Owner & Head Coach


Laura came to multi sport through her love of the outdoors and her experience managing depression and anxiety,  She loves to swim in the open water, run (mud is her favourite surface), ride her bike and most of all, lift weights! Through finding strength in her own body, Laura has found strength of mind too and she's keen to help others do the same. 


Laura leads the junior section of Strive and is passionate about creating positive experiences in the water, on bikes and on foot for young people. Her aim is to create environments that build life-long relationships with movement, particularly in the water.  Laura also runs Strive Strength sessions and Learn Front Crawl courses because she's super nerdy about technique and can't wait to help others learn about these movements.


BTF Level 2 Coaching, Level 3 Personal Training, Kinetic Revolution Certified Run Coach, British Weightlifting Level 1


Amy Critchlow, Owner & Head Coach


Amy is a triathlete, surfer and marine biologist. She loves the buzz of race days, the structure of a training plan but equally values ditching the interval session for a play in the surf.  Amy competes in World Age-Group triathlon and is a regular athlete in the Guernsey Island Games Team. 


Amy leads the Adult section of Strive and during the Open Water season, keeps us all safe and gives us all memorable experiences. As someone who's followed strict training regimes for years, Amy is passionate about making adult coaching effective and fun for everyone, of any level.  She's also developed a Women’s Specific Training Model, designed for female athletes that want to work with their monthly cycles and get the best out of themselves at optimal times. Amy can help you progress to the next level through 1:1 technique sessions and customised training plans. 


BTF Level 2 Diploma, LSSM Soft Tissue Therapist, Kinetic Revolution Certified Run Coach


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