The timetable below shows sessions that run weekly from Sept 7th to Dec 20th 2020, with a break week (no sessions) during w/c Oct 26th

4.15pm-5pm Swim Fit JUNIORS, Les Beaucamps High (LBHS)

6.30pm-7.30pm Run Fit, Footes Lane Track

6.30pm-7.30pm Strength & Fitness, College of FE gym, Les Ozouets



6.30am-7.30am Swim Fit, Technique OR Endurance,

(you choose which set you follow each week), LBHS

4pm-4.45pm Swim Fit JUNIORS, ages 5-10, St Sampsons High (SSHS)

4.45pm-5.30pm Swim Fit JUNIORS, ages 10+, SSHS


6.30am-7.30am Pop-Up Open Water Fitness while light allows

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12.45pm - 1.30pm Run Circuits, Cambridge Park

6pm-7pm Beginner / Intermediate Open Water Bay Swim

(follow @westrivegg on Facebook​ for weekly updates)


6.30pm-7.30pm Run Fit (Hills), Town based

6.30pm Strength & Conditioning, College of FE gym, Les Ozouets


6pm-7pm Swim Fit and Learn Front Crawl course, SSHS


10.30am-11.30am Swim Fit, SSHS 


We want to make join our group coaching sessions possible for everyone, from busy parents to shift workers. Choose to purchase a block of training, buy a pass-card or drop in as often as you can.



  • Block training passes start from £58

  • DROP IN: Pay As you Go and train with us as often or as little as time allows. Simply download this form and bring it along with you to your first drop in session


1:1 coaching and tailored plans starts from £45 a month

1:1 Open water coaching from £60 for 45 mins

Adult or Junior 1:1 Swim Sessions (pool based) from £30 for 30 mins

Personal Training starts from £50 a session (1 hour)


Sign Up

We put more energy into delivering high quality coaching experiences than we do into developing sophisticated sign up technology. To sign up or trial any of our sessions, drop us a line!


Send us an email or jump on messenger (@westrivegg), let us know what sessions or coaching products take your fancy and we'll send you prices, one very simple form to fill out, and arrange payment. Simple.