Like all of our clients and friends, Strive is adapting to the challenges we face in light of a global pandemic.  During the COVID-19 outbreak and community lockdown, we are offering online group workouts via Zoom or Houseparty apps. Workouts are for everyone and even kids can join in.  We have included running and swimming specific strength sessions in the timetable for those who need help shifting their training focus and aim to come back to their sport feeling stronger than before.

All sessions are offered on a Pay What You Can basis as we appreciate the financial hardship some people in the community are facing currently. If you are able to make a donation to support this local business, we will be hugely grateful. We recommend between £5 and £10, and you can purchase as many as you like at one time.


Below are two weekly timetables - you can choose from both or just one, depending on what takes your fancy.


The first timetable shows group fitness and strength sessions with Laura. These sessions are for every ability and require simple pieces of equipment like tins of beans and a yoga mat. If you do have weights at home, you should feel free to use them when advised.

The second timetable shows group indoor bike turbo sessions with Amy. For these sessions you will need to set your bike up on a turbo trainer.

Sign Up

Simple steps to sign up:

1. Choose the sessions you want to join

2. EMAIL US with your chosen sessions (please give us 24 hours notice!) and any questions you have

3. New Strive clients will need to fill out a medical and consent form, which we will send to you

4. You will receive an email from us with your Zoom log in details. Please take this information as confirmation of your booking

5. If able, please make a donation of £5-£10 per session. We will send you the Strive payment details in our email to you

T & Cs

  • Partaking in any Strive Ltd online training sessions is entirely at your own risk, and Strive Ltd cannot be held responsible for any injuries that may occur as a result of these exercises.

  • As with any exercise, you should take into account factors such as your flexibility, strength and overall health to determine if an exercise is appropriate for you.

  • You understand that it is highly recommended that you do not partake in physical activity if you are feeling unwell.

  • You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure all equipment used during the session is in good condition and is safe to use, including proper set up.

  • You give Strive Ltd permission to capture images from Zoom sessions to share on our social media channels