Group Coaching


Our group Run Fit sessions are carefully programmed to challenge every ability runner, from those at the start of their run journey and those aiming for performance gains. 

As Kinetic Revolution coaches, our methodology emphasises developing the 'skills' of running so technique work and empowering runners to understand the biomechanics of running is part of everything that we do.


Whether you are running for fitness, better times, better mental health, or a specific event, do it the Strive way and discover your best run.

Run Fit takes place Mondays at 6.30pm at Footes Lane track during the winter. Various locations in the summer.


Our Swim Fit programs are designed to build swimmers for life. Whether you're just starting out, want to build fitness or have a specific challenge to train for, we offer a variety of sessions throughout the week to help you reach your goal.

BEGINNERS: our Learn Front Crawl courses run for 8 weeks at a time and will help you go from zero to 'swimmer'.

INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED: weekly pool sessions with dedicated coaching. Come to our early morning sessions and choose whether you work on technique with Laura or fitness with Amy. On Fridays, challenge yourself to a strength & endurance session.

1-2-1: Work with a coach to identify what's holding you back and how you can train to be the best swimmer you can be

See our timetable below for our latest sessions


Strength & Conditioning

During the Autumn-Winter months, join weekly indoor turbo sessions that build muscle strength and endurance, and develop efficient technique to prepare you for the roads.  Turbos provided for those who need them!

During the summer, join fortnightly Tri Harder sessions that build race-specific technique to give you the edge.  T1 and T2 practices, Australian exits, multi-bricks, threshold pace work; these are the sessions you don't want to do on your own.

Our weekly Strength and Conditioning sessions are designed specifically to support movement patterns performed during swim, bike and run, and help you develop the muscle strength endurance and power needed to work beyond your limits.

Join us every week and train in a state of the art gym facility in a small group training environment.

1 : 1 Coaching 

We work closely with individuals to help them Strive towards their goals. Our coaches work with women, men, boys and girls who want to build fitness, technique, strength and confidence in their sport.


If you have a specific goal in mind and think you might benefit from more structure and the support and guidance from an experienced coach, get in touch to arrange a free consultation.


Tired of feeling like your training takes 3 steps back every month? Feel like you're not meeting your potential and every training plan you've followed in the past just isn't working for you?  You could benefit from our female-specific training approaches that are designed around your unique physiology, taking into account phases in the monthly cycle. Get in touch to arrange a free consultation with Amy.


We work with individuals who want extra support and guidance building general fitness, or swim, bike or run technique. Whatever your fitness or sport need, our coaches have the skills, expertise and personality to give you the boost you're looking for.

We strongly believe that taking part in Multisport - any combination of swim, bike, run and strength training - brings unrivalled fitness that leaves you feeling stronger, more confident, more empowered and ready to achieve. We offer a range of coaching products and styles for every type of athlete and potential athlete. Click below or contact us to arrange to speak to a coach who can help you identify the most effective approach for you.


Our Athletes

We call everyone who trains with us an Athlete and are proud to offer coaching and development that works for every ability: complete novice to elite standard.  Our athletes come in all shapes, sizes, ages and motivations but share common goals: to Strive for their best, and do it in an environment they feel welcome, inspired and get to have some fun too.  Here are just a few photos from some of our weekly group sessions.



This timetable was updated on January 2020 and shows Winter Block sessions which run for 12 weeks from Monday Jan 6th to March 31st. This block includes a break week from Feb 17th to 24th.  All sessions last 1 hour, except where stated.

6.30pm Run Fit, Footes Lane Track



6.30am Swim Fit, Technique OR Endurance (you choose which set you follow each week) 

Les Beaucamps High

4pm-4.45pm Swim Fit JUNIORS, ages 5-8, Les Beaucamps High

5pm-5.45pm Swim Fit JUNIORS, ages 9+, Les Beaucamps High


Indoor Turbo (Bike Training), 6.30pm (90mins), St Sampsons High. Limited Turbo Trainers are available for use.


6.30am Swim Fit, Fitness and Speed, Les Beaucamps High

5pm-5.45pm Swim Fit JUNIORS, ages 9+, Les Beaucamps High

6.30pm Strength & Conditioning, College of FE (Les Ozouets)

7.45pm Learn To Be Strong (suitable for beginners), College of FE (Les Ozouets)


6pm Swim Fit, Strength & Endurance, SSHS

6pm Learn Front Crawl course, SSHS (next availability Apr 2020), email to express interest


8.30am Sunday Run Club with Try A Tri Guernsey, locations vary (follow @tryatriguernsey on Facebook for details)

10.30am-11.30am Sunday Mash Swim (all abilities welcome), Starts January 12th, SSHS


CONTACT Amy or Laura who are happy to help 



We want to make join our group coaching sessions possible for everyone, from busy parents to shift workers. Choose to purchase a block of training, buy a pass-card or drop in as often as you can.



  •  BLOCKS: block training allows you to sign up to a fixed number of sessions per week. Perfect for those who can commit to attending every week and want to see real progression. 

  • 5-SESSION PASS: Purchase a pass for swimming OR dry land training and come when you choose. Prices from £45

  • COURSES: All courses take place over 8 weeks and are aimed at beginners who want to develop technique and fitness. Learn To Run, Learn To Front Crawl, Learn To Be Strong all take place throughout the Autumn / Winter periods. Learn To Ride and Open Water courses take place in the Spring / Summer months. Courses start from £80.

  • DROP IN: Pay As you Go and train with us as often or as little as time allows. Simply download this form and bring it along with you to your first drop in session


1:1 coaching and tailored plans starts from £45 a month

1:1 Open water coaching from £60 for 45 mins

1:1 Swim Sessions (pool based) from £80 for 1 hour

Personal Training starts from £40 a session (1 hour)


Sign Up

We put more energy into delivering high quality coaching experiences than we do into developing sophisticated sign up technology. To sign up or trial any of our sessions, drop us a line!


Send us an email or jump on messenger (@westrivegg), let us know what sessions or coaching products take your fancy and we'll send you prices, one very simple form to fill out, and arrange payment. Simple.